Theatre / Activism



Directed 'The Wedding Singer' for the University of Chichester Student Union's Musical Theatre Society

Wrote and directed 'Walk A Mile With Me', an educational piece of theatre exploring the forgotten history of the AIDS pandemic

‘One Last' a post dramatic performance exploring themes of death and the meaning of life.

‘A Double Edged Choice' a solo performance exploring the side effects of contraception.

‘Business As usual’ playing the role of Disney, as well as devising and costume design. Performed for the skills module at Chichester University.

'Adjure' was made for the PostModern Skills module at the University of Chichester Theatre Department. Based on the event of former American President Donald Trump deciding to leave and no longer observing the Paris climate change agreement in 2017.

'Glitterclit' was made as part of the Gender and Sexuality module at the University of Chichester Theatre Department. We were asked to make a piece that encapsulated a "gay punk" aesthetic.

Yann Marussich's 'Glass Bath' symbolises the paradox of being man's existence, trapped in a world that can only cause himself more pain trying to escape it. I reframe these themes in 'Water It Down', exploring a dependency on alcohol in difficult times.

‘The Many Parts Of Me’ an educational short film raising awareness of Mental Health


‘Vacant Pleasures’ playing the role of Elizabeth Cochran. Writing and devising alongside the Perfections Production team. Performed at the Showroom Chichester

Visual and Technical Arts module at Chichester University raising awareness of plastic pollution

‘Where I’m Supposed To Be' assistant directing and playing the role of Amelia and Rose at the Showroom Chichester

Showcased ‘The Counsel’ and a taster of ‘Inside A Mind’ in the new writing festival 'Around the Globe in Eighty Plays' raising funds for Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London.

Devised and performed in a virtual theatre piece titled: ‘The Counsel’

Devised and performed a virtual theatre piece called: ‘Loose Lips On Lockdown!’

Devised and performed a virtual theatre piece titled ‘We Grow Up, We Grow Old, But We Always Grow’

'Entering The Cosmos’ playing the role of Mystie at the Showroom Chichester

Devised and performed a deconstruction of Dr Caligari at the University of Chichester Theatre Department

'Masking The Abysall Party' playing the role of Rachel at the Showroom Chichester


Wrote, directed and choreographed an original production for Theatretrain Southampton’s Minis Class, titled ‘Trails Of Hercules’

‘Chicago’ at the Hub Theatre playing Mary Sunshine and assistant directing

Rock Challenge Final at Portsmouth Guildhall performing ‘Welcome To Barter Town’ with Richard Taunton College as Stage Manager, getting awarded the stage crew award of excellence

Wrote and directed my own original production ‘Inside A Mind’ at Richard Taunton College, as well as playing the role of Iris.

(Raised £50 on the door of performances for B.U.G.S - Burns Unit Group Support)

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Posters for the production 'Inside A Mind'


Remembrance physical theatre commemoration and program distribution at the cenotaph Remembrance Sunday parade with Theatretrain Southampton performing as a soldier.

‘Burying Your Brother In The Pavement’ with Theatre For Life at the Hub Theatre playing Davina McPhee (and other featured roles)

Sister Act at the Hub Theatre as part of the ensemble

Schools Tour of devised piece ‘Far From Reality’ at local secondary schools and Richard Taunton College in the role of Little Visco. In addition to script writing and directing.

I Love You Mum at Richard Tauntons college in the roles of Connie, Dan, Anon and Bridget

How to make a hero at the Royal Albert-hall with Theatretrain.


‘Alice In Wonderland’ with Theatretrain at the Romsey Plaza playing Alice


‘The Wiz’ at the Hub Theatre with Theatretrain, playing The Wicked Witch